Architecture & furniture

LCMX is a design & architecture studio located in the core of Mexico City. It was founded in 2009 by brothers Ricardo and Otniel Rodríguez Elías, designer and architect respectively.

LCMX currently works and collaborates with a large number of professionals and manufacturing specialists in different fields -interior design, museography, architecture, object design and engineers among others-, who -as us- expect optimum results and performance during the whole process: from conceptualization to execution.

Since its foundation, LCMX has had a main role in the organic design and construction of different spaces -including site specific furniture-, such as bars, museums, restaurants, offices and private houses. Our products are part of private design collections, as well as of public galleries such as Ediciones Jalapa, Mexico City; Galería Mexicana de Diseño, Mexico City; ADN, Mexico City, to name a few. We have also been shown internationally, for instance at the Mexican Pavilion of the Venice Biennale of Architecture, 2014, curated by Gaeta-Springall architects.

Our work model parts from a platform of observation, research, as well as an ongoing exploration and curiosity towards materials and production techniques -traditional and contemporary-.

We aspire to always be in the process of improving the quality of our products and designs.


Ricardo Rodríguez Elías
Otniel Josue Rodríguez Elías
Sebastián Dozal Martínez
Fernanda Rangel Junquera
Adriana Sánchez Laborde
Miguel Leija
Our studio is open by appointment only

+52 1 591 991 74